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The #1 Question to Ask When Replacing Windows

When it comes to replacing the windows in your home, do you know the ONE QUESTION you should be sure to ask your contractor?

4 Ways Clevernest Makes a Realtor’s Life Easier

If you’re a realtor in Central Indiana, then you have a lot on your plate. From staging homes to attending closings and everything in between, we understand that you often have to juggle many responsibilities at once. No matter where in Indiana or across the Midwest you show homes, Clevernest can help make your job […]

Insert vs. Full-Frame Window Installation

While many companies specialize in window replacement services, only a few offer a full frame window installation. As such, many of these companies won’t bring it up as an option, so it’s important that homeowners do their research to determine what is right for their home. What is a full frame replacement, what other options […]

Why Do My Windows Have Condensation?

Have you started noticing some condensation on the inside of your windows? Does it almost look like your windows are sweating? When many people see this, they assume it’s a problem with their windows. It isn’t. In fact, sometimes a drafty window will actually help get rid of condensation! Why the Condensation Forms Windows sweat […]

Do Double Pane Windows Need Storm Windows?

The short answer is no. Quality double pane windows will provide all the comfort and security you need. Your windows can be a significant source of heat loss, which means the more you can eliminate drafts and loss of heat through your windows, the more money you’ll save. In the past, one method for addressing […]

What is Full-Frame Window Replacement and Why Is It Better?

If you’re shopping for new windows or thinking about having a window or two replaced in your home, you’ve likely come across two terms: replacement window inserts and full-frame window replacement. What’s the difference? Well, full-frame window replacement is the removal and complete replacement of the entire window and window frame. Window inserts are windows […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Replacing windows is a homeowner’s task that often gets put off too long. Part of the reason that many homeowners put this home improvement project off is that they don’t really know what the warning signs are that they’re windows need to be replaced. Here’s a look at five common signs that indicate window replacement […]

Andersen Announces Improvements to 100 Series Casement and Awning Windows

Constructed of Fibrex® composite material, the Andersen 100 Series line of windows and doors was already an excellent choice, especially for budget-conscious consumers. Like vinyl windows, the Andersen 100 Series windows are very low maintenance, but twice as strong as vinyl windows, making them a superior alternative. At Clevernest, we have installed Andersen 100 Series […]

Andersen Project Showcase | Door to Window Conversion

We love a challenge! The majority of our business is residential window replacement, but we also do patio doors and entry doors. When a customer contacted us with a special project in mind, we were happy to help. Specifically, he was looking to have aged patio doors converted to windows. Before | Gliding Patio Door […]

Follow Andersen Windows on Instagram!

Andersen Windows has launched an Instagram account. Beautiful images showcase the quality Andersen Windows and Doors that we at Clevernest are proud to carry! Follow Andersen on Instagram for ideas and inspiration for your own home. And if it’s time to consider replacing your windows, patio doors, or entry door, contact us for a free, […]