Andersen Announces Improvements to 100 Series Casement and Awning Windows

Constructed of Fibrex® composite material, the Andersen 100 Series line of windows and doors was already an excellent choice, especially for budget-conscious consumers. Like vinyl windows, the Andersen 100 Series windows are very low maintenance, but twice as strong as vinyl windows, making them a superior alternative. At Clevernest, we have installed Andersen 100 Series windows and patio doors for many customers who were highly pleased with their choice.

But Andersen made them even better! The change in the way the corners of the 100 Series Casement and Awning windows are constructed will improve the appearance and performance of these already wonderful windows. The 100 Series Windows had previously been assembled with a corner key frame construction, but beginning this month, will be assembled with made with state-of-the-art precision corner welding technology.

New Corner Joining for Andersen 100 Series Windows

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