Andersen 100 Series Windows

The smart alternative to vinyl.

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Andersen 100 Series Home Windows

Why Andersen 100 Series?

The Andersen 100 Series affords homeowners the beauty, efficiency, and quality of Andersen at an amazing value. The Andersen 100 Series products are constructed of Fibrex® composite material, engineered by Andersen to be twice as strong and rigid as vinyl. Fibrex material provides a durable, low-maintenance exterior and excellent energy efficiency for your home.

Fibrex is made up of reclaimed wood fiber and a PVC polymer, fused together and unique to Andersen. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures, this amazing material won’t fade, blister, flake, or peel.

Andersen 100 Series comes in an array of standard sizes (perfect for new construction), but can also be custom-sized for replacement applications.

100 Series Awning Window

100 Series awning windows are hinged at the top with a sash that opens out from the bottom.

100 Series Casement Window

100 Series awning windows have side hinges and the sash opens like a door. Casement windows are great for full ventilation.

100 Series Gliding Window

100 Series awning windows have a single sash that glides from one side to the other — like a sliding patio door.

100 Series Single Hung Window

100 Series awning windows have a single operable sash that moves up and down.

100 Series Picture Window

100 Series awning windows are stationary — they do not open. These windows are great for an area where ventilation isn’t needed or desired, but view and light-flow are maximized. They also work beautifully in combination with other products.

100 Series Specialty Windows

100 Series specialty windows let you choose from a variety of uncommon shapes, including elegant arches, striking angles and compelling curves. Made with sustainable Fibrex® composite material, it’s a budget-friendly specialty window option.






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