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At Clevernest, we understand this decision is about much more than selecting a door — it’s about making an entrance! Your entry door contributes to the overall curb appeal of your Carmel or Central Indiana home, makes the first impression on your visitors and serves as your personal “welcome home.” There are many to considerations — both practical and personal — when selecting or designing your entry door. We can help you with these considerations with a consultation. We can advise you in making smart decisions about features and materials, but also help you make a personal statement with your entry door.

What to Consider When Selecting an Entry Door

Safety and Security

While the appearance of your door is important, security is paramount. We feature doors from Andersen and Thermatru with impeccable safety specifications. We’d be happy to talk to you about features like multi-point locking systems and how they contribute to the overall security of your entry door.

Energy Efficiency

Our Andersen and Thermatru entry doors boast award-winning innovations in energy efficiency. We can talk you through the pros and cons of different materials and features and how they affect the overall efficiency of your entry door.


A new entry door is a substantial investment in your home, and you want something that is going to last. You want an entry door that will maintain its beautiful appearance without a lot of upkeep. We can explain how the materials and finishes in the Andersen and Thermatru doors we feature will stand the test of time.


As important as the quality of the materials is the competence of the installer. Even the best door, if improperly installed, will fail and cause issues. It might leak air or water; it may not close properly; it may stick and become difficult to open. Don’t let a poor installation damage your entry door or, worse, cause damage to your home. Improper installation can void any warranty that comes with your door. We at Clevernest have a small handful of trusted, professional installers who are experienced with the brands of entry doors we feature. Professional installation and finish work (such as painting or staining) can be included in your overall project quote.

Design and Features

In addition to all of the practical considerations, there are some aesthetic decisions to make: from glass designs to grill patterns, sidelights, transoms, finish colors, door shapes, and architecture. These decisions may be influenced by the style of your home — is your home more modern or traditional? They may be dictated by your Homeowners Association or by the architecture of your surrounding neighborhood in Carmel or Central Indiana. Or they may be entirely open to your imagination. Whatever your circumstances, we can show you the myriad of available styles and combinations and help you make your final selection.

Let Us Help You Select Your Entry Door

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