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The #1 Question to Ask When Replacing Windows

When it comes to replacing the windows in your home, do you know the ONE QUESTION you should be sure to ask your contractor?

Insert vs. Full-Frame Window Installation

While many companies specialize in window replacement services, only a few offer a full frame window installation. As such, many of these companies won’t bring it up as an option, so it’s important that homeowners do their research to determine what is right for their home. What is a full frame replacement, what other options […]

Andersen Project Showcase | Door to Window Conversion

We love a challenge! The majority of our business is residential window replacement, but we also do patio doors and entry doors. When a customer contacted us with a special project in mind, we were happy to help. Specifically, he was looking to have aged patio doors converted to windows. Before | Gliding Patio Door […]

Window Types | Casement, Double Hung and More

Casement windows or double hung? That’s one of many questions you will be asked when considering your windows for new construction or replacement in your home. It is so frustrating when you speak to a mechanic, repairman, or even a doctor, and they start using trade words assuming you understand. Here is a guide to […]

When is the Best Time to Replace My Windows?

You might wonder if there are certain times of the year when you cannot replace windows. What is the best time to replace your windows? There is a proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” The same might be applied to replacing the […]

Window and Door Condensation | Is it a Problem?

One of the questions we are often asked at Clevernest is about condensation — moisture that appears on the inside or outside of the glass surfaces of windows and doors. Moisture on the surface of the glass can be annoying — blocking your view, dripping, or pooling. And condensation isn’t strictly a problem associated with […]

Grille Construction or Type

Grille Construction — between the glass, removable, permanent, simulated divided light. You have a lot of options when it comes to the grille construction or grid construction of your windows and doors. Whether you are shopping for new construction or replacing the windows or doors in your existing home, one thing will become abundantly clear […]

Grille Styles for Your Windows and Doors

Customizing Your Home to Express Your Style Whether you are shopping for windows and doors for new construction or replacing the windows or doors in your existing home, one thing will become abundantly clear to you right away — there are a lot of decisions to make! Rather than be overwhelmed, just take one thing […]

Is it Time to Replace Windows?

Are you considering replacing some or all of the windows in your home? Perhaps you have noticed drafts, condensation between the panes of glass, or even moisture leaking in around your windows. Maybe your windows no longer operate easily (or at all). Maybe they are showing signs of rot, peeling paint, cracked or broken glass. […]

Window Safety and Security

Children seen the world’s wonder before they may see its danger. By following a few basic safety tips, you can help prevent injuries. Windows do wonders to enhance our lives. They let in views, sunlight and breezes. But, they can do more than bring the beauty of nature indoors — they can also save lives. […]