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5 Signs You’re In Need of a Door Replacement

Investing in a new exterior door may or may not be a project on the top of your to-do list. For some homeowners, it can be easy to put it off. However, the end result of a door replacement is something that can completely transform the curb appeal of your home and improve the functionality […]

Picking the Right Window Hardware

We all know that choosing windows for your home can be a big decision. From materials to sizing, there is a lot to consider when it comes to your taste and specific needs. One detail that may get overlooked is window hardware. Putting thought into details such as sash lifts, latches, and locks can add […]

New or Replacement Windows, What Material Is Right For You

Window frames come in a number of materials, but do you know which one to choose? Whether you’re looking for new or replacement windows, check out this list of common window materials along with their pros and cons to find out which one is best for you. Wood or Wood/Clad With a warm and classic […]

A Breakdown of Entry Door Materials

The entry door to your home is one of the main things that creates the first impression to visitors, so you want it to look good. A solid wood door used to be the norm for homes, but now there are many different types of materials that you can choose from.

FAQs About Buying New Windows

Most homeowners only have to buy new windows a few times in their lives. Because of this, they’re not experts in the area. If you know you need new windows and feel a little left in the dark, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about buying new windows

Buying New Windows for Old Homes

Is the only thing you don’t love about your historic home its windows? Many old homes have outdated and inefficient single-pane wood-frame windows. While they may offer a certain aesthetic charm, you’ll be a lot more comfortable in your home with modern windows.

5 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Windows

Replacing the windows in your home is a big and often costly job. The size of the job and the cost associated with it will vary from home to home. Regardless of your home’s individual needs, there are some things every homeowner should know before moving forward and purchasing new windows. Here are five important […]

Why Do My Windows Have Condensation?

Have you started noticing some condensation on the inside of your windows? Does it almost look like your windows are sweating? When many people see this, they assume it’s a problem with their windows. It isn’t. In fact, sometimes a drafty window will actually help get rid of condensation! Why the Condensation Forms Windows sweat […]

Do Double Pane Windows Need Storm Windows?

The short answer is no. Quality double pane windows will provide all the comfort and security you need. Your windows can be a significant source of heat loss, which means the more you can eliminate drafts and loss of heat through your windows, the more money you’ll save. In the past, one method for addressing […]

What is Full-Frame Window Replacement and Why Is It Better?

If you’re shopping for new windows or thinking about having a window or two replaced in your home, you’ve likely come across two terms: replacement window inserts and full-frame window replacement. What’s the difference? Well, full-frame window replacement is the removal and complete replacement of the entire window and window frame. Window inserts are windows […]