5 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Windows

Replacing the windows in your home is a big and often costly job. The size of the job and the cost associated with it will vary from home to home. Regardless of your home’s individual needs, there are some things every homeowner should know before moving forward and purchasing new windows. Here are five important things to take note of before you replace your windows.

The Window Frame Material Can Make A Big Difference

Windows frames come in a variety of window types. You’ll find vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and wood-clad frame windows for sale. Each material has different qualities, and you should understand the upsides and downsides of each before making a purchase.

  • Vinyl windows offer essentially no maintenance and are affordable. For these reasons, they’re very popular. Unfortunately, they’re available in limited colors, and may not be as strong as other materials.
  • All Aluminum windows don’t insulate very well, but are low maintenance and often affordable, though many times vinyl windows are less expensive. These windows are mostly popular in warmer climates.
  • Fiberglass windows offer better insulation, are available in more colors and are low maintenance. Their main downside is the price tag. However, you’re paying for quality.
  • All Wood windows provide a good mix of the features above but often require a bit more maintenance. They insulate well, can be painted any color and offer a timeless quality to a home. They’re often recommended for older historic homes.
  • Wood Clad window frames come with exterior cladding made of either aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, or composite.  They offer the beauty of real wood on the interior, with practical low maintenance exteriors.

New Windows Can Seriously Impact Home Value and save you on your monthly utilities.

On a monthly basis, new efficient, well-installed windows will definitely impact your utility bills. The actual dollar savings is only part of the equation though, as just the comfort factor of sitting in front of a high-efficiency window, with new tight installation methods, is a big factor in the overall value of the replacement.

In addition, new windows will surely increase your home’s value. This is important if you plan to resell your home in the future. According to a study conducted by a National Association of Realtors cited by Time, many homeowners get about 73 percent of their investment back on their purchase of new windows.

It’s important to note, however, that is only true for homeowners that spend the money on quality windows, especially if you’re replacing original wood windows. If you need to replace original wood windows, it’s smart to try to match the look of the original windows with replacements.

Not All Window Manufacturer Warranties are the Same

You see lifetime warranties everywhere when it comes to windows. However, the definition of lifetime can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Don’t assume that all warranty coverage is the same.

Before you purchase windows for your home, inquire about the warranty so you know and understand the warranty coverage. You want a manufacturer that has been in business for a long time and has a good track record.

Not All Double-Pane Windows have the Same Level of Efficiency

There are a lot of general stats floating around about double-pane window efficiency. While any double-pane window will be more efficient than a single pane window, they’re not all the same. When shopping for windows, look for the Energy Star label. This is a certification given by the National Fenestration Rating Council.

From there, check the energy performance rating, which will tell you how well the window keeps heat from escaping, how well it resists unwanted heat gain, how well it will effectively light your home with natural light and the level of air leakage.

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