How to Spot Problems with Windows or Doors BEFORE the Home Inspection

Here at Clevernest, we understand what a Realtor goes through if a surprise shows up on an inspection report.  We believe in providing smart, energy-efficient and QUICK solutions that will help you move forward with your buyers and sellers.


As you and your client discuss negotiation options, you may find there needs to be a conversation about whether doors, windows, or siding need to be replaced in the home. Whether this means the seller replacing these items or settling on a price negotiation, you and your client can prepare by knowing what constitutes the need for replacement. 

Door Replacement

A door may need to be replaced if:

  • You can feel a draft through the door.
  • There is evidence of water leakage through the door.
  • It is difficult to close or open the door.
  • The door is visibly worn or cracked.
  • The glass is foggy and can’t be cleaned (broken seal)

Window Replacement

A window may need to be replaced if:

  • You can feel a draft through the window.
  • There is any evidence of rot.
  • he glass is foggy and can’t be cleaned (broken seal)
  • It is difficult to open or close the window.

Siding Replacement

Siding may need to be replaced if:

  • It is visibly warped, loose, or cracked.
  • It is not providing the insulation the house needs.
  • There is any evidence of moisture or mold inside the home.
  • There is any evidence of rot.

Considering Replacement Options

When it comes to replacing doors and windows, you can depend on us for efficient, high-quality products and reliable installation services. We are a proud Dealer for Anderson Windows and Doors, award-winning products that will offer what is needed for your client’s new home. America’s premier window manufacturer, Anderson is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency.


Anderson 400 Series Windows have been recommended by Consumer Reports multiple times and have a high customer satisfaction rating. They are offered in many styles, making them a perfect option for replacing windows after a home inspection. They fit the requirements to replace most home windows, are energy efficient, and are the most popular of Anderson’s windows.

If the 400 Series does not fit the architectural style of the home, consider Anderson A-Series Windows. The A-Series is designed specifically in consideration of architectural style, and will allow homeowners to maintain the style they love.

If the 400 Series and the A-Series do not match the style of the home, the Anderson E-Series Windows allow for customization to fit the needs of the home exactly, from color to size to wood choice and more.

If your client is still not sure which windows are right for their new home, our post on picking the right window hardware is a good place to start.


After receiving the home inspection, you may find that either patio or entry doors need to be replaced. Clevernest installs both and offers options to compliment your client’s window replacement choices.

To go along with the Anderson 400 Series Windows, take a look at the Anderson 400 Series Patio Doors. These doors offer the same quality, style, and sustainability as the 400 Series Windows, and will create a unified atmosphere in the home.

Anderson also offers 100 Series, 200 Series,  A-Series and E-Series Patio Doors to match pretty much any style of home.

Entry doors are a big part of home-ownership, making a statement to family and guests as they enter the home. If the Inspection Report points to the need for a new entry door, we offer Andersen, Simpson, Thermatru and Provia entry doors and more, to fit most budgets and needs.


For siding replacement, we recommend James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, available in several styles and colors to fit the needs of your client.

Making a Decision

Andersen produces windows and doors contractors trust, and with a wide variety of product options, your client should not have to compromise their standards OR their budget, after a Home Inspection. Prepared with knowledge of window, door, and siding replacement resources available at Clevernest, your client will be well informed, when it comes to this decision!

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