Help! My Windows Whistle in the Wind!

Aging windows and patio doors are at least an inconvenience or eyesore. At worst, cracked, inoperable, or rotted windows allow water and air infiltration to penetrate your home. Windows or patio doors that do not operate properly could even be a potential safety hazard!

Left unchecked, this can cause further damage, rot, or wasted HVAC dollars.  

Homeowners in Hamilton County (and most of Indiana!) experience the gamut of weather extremes — cold, icy, snowy winters and hot, humid, stormy summers. The repeated freezing and thawing, pounding rain, and powerful winds can take a toll on windows and doors — especially those beyond their life expectancy.

Weather like this brings us calls of leaky windows, broken seals, and air infiltration and in extreme weather, even broken glass!

Even when central Indiana weather is “good,” the average home’s air conditioners and furnaces have to work extra hard at times. When temperatures in Carmel climb into the 90’s, cooling costs soar right along with them. Leaky windows or patio doors with bad seals and gaps let the hot, humid air into your house. During the winter months, drafty windows undermine efforts to keep your home warm and cozy.

If your home’s windows or patio doors are 15 – 20 years old, it might be time to consider an upgrade — we can help!

If your windows or patio doors are all wood and exhibiting signs of rot, you may have more problems that aren’t as obvious. Talk to us about replacing them NOW, before further damage is done.

If the paint on your windows or patio doors is peeling, bubbling, cracking, of if you are just sick of painting them every couple of years, call us about our beautiful windows and doors clad in virtually maintenance-free material.

If you can hear any kind of whistling or airflow around your windows, perhaps it’s time to consider replacing them with beautiful, new, energy efficient Andersen windows or high-quality vinyl windows from Clevernest!

Contact us right away for a FREE, no obligation consultation on replacing one, some, or all of your windows.

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