Hail Damaged Windows

We have been a little overwhelmed at Clevernest lately by the number of calls we have received related to hail or storm damage of windows and siding. Even a small storm cell can cause a lot of damage in concentrated areas, affecting several houses in a neighborhood. For example, today, we got a call about two houses, side by side in Carmel, with Andersen Windows that were damaged by spring storms. They are both working with the same restoration company, who contacted us to take care of that part of the project, because, you guessed it, they don’t do windows! Fortunately, we do. 

We pride ourselves here on the fact that we are different than many of the window and construction companies out there. Maybe some of them have knocked on your door trying to convince you that you have damage and they can help. We rely more on word of mouth advertising and our reputation in the community to bring business to us. But if you think you may have windows damaged by hail or storms, we would be happy to have a look. There is no cost or obligation for having us provide our assessment and, if necessary, a quote.

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