What happens when I decide to purchase?

Once you have made your final decisions on the scope and details of your project, our sales consultant will have you sign a final version of your order and will collect a deposit for approximately 50% of the total.

Once the order has been signed and deposit made, we send our installer (if we are also installing) to verify measurements and to check for anything he needs to know in advance of the installation process. Since most of our installations include new trim, he will note the style of trim you have, and if necessary, take a sample.

It is incredibly rare for a quote to change because of the measurement verification. This is really for us to be confident that we are ordering the correct product and size for your home and that you have a positive experience with the installation.

Our motto: Measure twice, order once.

Once we place the final order, it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for us to receive the products in our showroom. We try to have installation scheduled just as soon after product delivery as possible. Actually installation times are affected by several factors, including the volume of our current business (we are usually busier from late spring to early fall), the size of your job (we try not to start a multi-day installation late in the week), weather, and of course, the availability of our client.