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Andersen Named a 2018 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award Winner

We at Clevernest are a full-line dealer of the Andersen Window and Doors® product line located in Carmel, Indiana and serving central Indiana including all of Hamilton County and surrounding areas. As a dealer, we are proud to celebrate with our parent corporation the naming of Andersen Corporation and its subsidiaries a, “2018 ENERGY STAR […]

Window and Door Condensation | Is it a Problem?

One of the questions we are often asked at Clevernest is about condensation — moisture that appears on the inside or outside of the glass surfaces of windows and doors. Moisture on the surface of the glass can be annoying — blocking your view, dripping, or pooling. And condensation isn’t strictly a problem associated with […]

Fibrex — A Revolutionary Material

Builders and remodelers demand environmentally conscious products and materials. At Andersen, environmental responsibly is part of an established and ongoing commitment to sustainability. The development and introduction of Fibrex material over 20 years ago is just one of the many ways we demonstrate the importance of that commitment. So what is it? What Is Fibrex? If you […]

Is it Time to Replace Windows?

Are you considering replacing some or all of the windows in your home? Perhaps you have noticed drafts, condensation between the panes of glass, or even moisture leaking in around your windows. Maybe your windows no longer operate easily (or at all). Maybe they are showing signs of rot, peeling paint, cracked or broken glass. […]

Award Winning Andersen Products

Clevernest — our name says it all. We offer smart products for your home. By “smart,” we mean quality, energy-efficient products that help keep you comfortable, help control your energy costs, look great, and are produced in an environmentally-conscious way. As a company, Andersen Corporation takes pride in offering products that meet these criteria. As […]

Full Frame Window Installation vs. an Insert Window

There are many companies in Hamilton County that offer window replacement services. Only a few, however, offer a full frame window installation. Those who do not offer full frame replacement are likely to not even mention it, but for such a big decision, homeowners should have all the information. So what is a full frame […]

Andersen’s Commitment to Green Technology and Environmental Responsibility

Andersen Has a Tradition of Commitment to Environmental Responsibility As we are entering the summer season, certainly you’ve been enjoying the great outdoors — hiking, beaches, swimming, and just breathing the wonderful summer air. While we at Clevernest are proud to offer products that improve the energy efficiency of your home, it’s not just inside that […]